Branding Studio
Based in Vancouver


Target Audience


one of the first steps of branding your business in vancouver is identify your target audience. It’s almost impossible for a business to appeal to everyone. The more diverse the audience is, the more diluted your marketing efforts will be.

we will do a research to understand your potential customer’s priorities and purchase behaviour in order to provide you with a clearly defined target audience.


 Brand Positioning


what sets you apart from the competition? brand positioning defines how your brand is different from the rest and what your customers think when they see your brand.

We dive deep into the details of your brand to discover and highlight what you do better that anyone esle. A well-differentiated brand will make your growth much easier in vancouver.


Creating a Logo

Brand Identity



your branding should be visible and reflected in anything that your customers see.

We create a consistent user experience on your website, business card and other marketing materials.