Why Squarespace is the best web design platform for small businesses?


Web design is an ever-challenging task, though it remains all-important in the digital age of 2019. Every business needs a website to call home as more and more people become connected every day.

The internet provides ease of use that customers generally seem to prefer over other, more conventional methods, such as over the phone or via an in-person consultation. A website will allow them to research everything they need to know about a company or business, without the awkwardness of actually having to contact them!

Whilst having a website might be essential, it can be quite difficult to properly build, maintain and update. Part of what makes Squarespace great is that it is incredibly easy for people - even those with no prior experience - to update, optimise and look after.

Squarespace is an innovative, user-friendly platform that can make it incredibly easy for you to get killer online results. Let us build you a unique, high-quality website, so you can focus on the important day-to-day running of your business.

So, what makes Squarespace the best web design platform for small businesses?

Ease of use

One of the reasons that Squarespace is universally accepted as a great solution for your web design needs is that it is very easy to regularly update once the page has been built.

Squarespace will provide us with all of the tools that we need to make you a gorgeous, high-quality website with incredible control over the functionality and visual layout of every single page. Not only that, but it is packed full of guides and tutorials that teach you how to make any updates once the design has been completed.

Squarespace will also integrate well with every other web design tools or systems that Hoo Man branding studio uses, truly making it one of the most versatile methods of building a website. The customisation power alone makes it an incredibly useful tool in accurately portraying your visual goals.

Beautiful themes

Another reason that people are drawn to Squarespace is that it comes with a huge range of stunning themes and page layouts, all of which can really help to bring your website or ambitions to life.

A theme is used to define the overall look and feel of your website, providing certain colour schemes or layouts that carry over to every page.

Whilst the themes and layouts can be used to give your website a general feeling, Hoo Man studios can further customise these, allowing to make your website EXACTLY as you envisioned.

Product pages

Internet shopping truly is wonderful: you can view the product, read reviews or comments and eventually make a purchase without ever having to set foot in the store!

Online shopping is key to any modern business’ survival; if you set out with the vision of selling things via the internet, you’ll NEED an online store!

One advantage that sets Squarespace apart is that it actually allows you to add product pages to your website! If you’re an online store or startup, this will be absolutely essential.

Once we’ve set up the backend of your Squarespace website, complete with a detailed list of products and services, you’ll be able to customise and update this as often as you need.

Setting up an online store is a challenging task - let Hoo Man studios take the hard work out, designing a stunning, minimalist online store that you can be proud of.

Customer Service

Squarespace may as well be synonymous with customer service, as they provide some of the best support of any other company, in any other industry.

If you ever need to troubleshoot, or if you’re simply looking for some technical guidance, you can contact Squarespace’s customer service at any time of the day.

Squarespace doesn’t just provide 24/7 customer service; they provide an award-winning one, too.


It’s hard to believe that such an incredible service can come at such a competitive price. With so many benefits that make it an outstanding choice for new and established businesses alike, it would be easy to assume that Squarespace might be a costly service.

Squarespace offers some incredible prices; there are multiple plans that users can choose based on what their individual needs are, though these can be as low as $12 a month for a personal plan!

Each plan is optimised for a different purpose, so users should consider exactly what they need before they make any purchase. Business plans, for example, will be more tailored to a business or a company than a personal one would, providing a range of additional benefits (at a slightly higher price) that can help your brand to grow.

Overall, Squarespace is an incredibly useful service that makes it easy to operate an engaging, functional online store.

It’s perfect for small business and startups, as Hoo Man studios can integrate the platform with our own web-building expertise to provide you with a unique website and brand that you can update and amend whenever you need.