What is Hoo Man?

Hooman is my real name. When I was looking for a name for my creative studio I figured out there’s a ‘Who’ in hooman. Hoo (who) Man?

When I’m not staring at my computer or causing trouble on the streets of Vancouver, I’m running at English Bay.


be “the” pineapple, not “a” pineapple

We Kickstart businesses that challenge standards and define what’s next.

Differentiate yourself with a unique brand. Make people excited.

A pineapple

The pineapple


our capacities


Website design

Are you looking for a web design company in Vancouver? Hoo Man Studio creates minimalistic, responsive websites for small businesses, e-commerce stores, bloggers, portfolios and landing pages in vancouver, british columbia.


BUsiness Card Design

A cool business card creates a lasting first impression. It should be elegant, simple with an amzing print quality. Check out our creative business card ideas for minimalistic design inspirations,


Brand identity

Good design is as little design as possible. if you are planning to rebrand your existing business or start something fresh, our design team will help you create a brand for the new millennials asking for the minimalistic lifestyle.


packaging design

a good product package design starts with three questions. What is the product? who is buying it?how people are buying the product? Based on the answers our design team will pick the perfect font groups, colours and written copy for your package design.


brochure design

a good brochure is a brochure that doesn’t end up in a trash can! ideally you want your audience to read all about what you are doing and find value in your prints. Our branding team will identify your target audience in order to create a design that is appealing to your customers.